Fairy: Fountains
Hibbert Ralph / Leo Burnett

I led this commercial as CGI Director, working with a small team to create the myriad of characters and effects needed to make 'soft even softer'. My main contribution was to organise the whole 3d production, and provide creative and technical support to each of the artists. By initially setting up a layout and building the environment, I gave the team a solid structure to work within. I then led the effects work, lighting & rendering, and provided a base comp for each shot.


Ceres: I Know Kung Fu
Rushes / Magnet Films
This advert for Ceres Beer was quite an intense project - I got involved after the initial pre-production had been arranged, and led a team of CGI artists through to final delivery in 4 weeks flat.

For my part, I went to Lithuania to supervise the live-action shoot, and then directed the animation team, renderers and compositors through to completion. I also built & animated a lot of shots for the lead singer character, and worked extensively with the Italian agency to help them achieve the look they desired. Despite the incredibly tight deadlines it was a very rewarding project.


BBC Big Read
Aardman Animations / BBC

A selection of stings from the BBC's popular Big Read campaign. These little literary champions were a wonderful challenge to animate, because they required a close study of the celebrity behind each voice, in order to capture their nuances and turn them into a bookworm. The general public loved them...apart from one lady who was distressed enough to write a complaint about their slightly 'phallic' appearance.



BBC Digital
Aardman Animations / BBC

These stings were really lovingly crafted, with fantastic design work (hats off to Luis Cook & Steve Harding-Hill). I came onboard to model and rig the main 'Martin' character. I also created a layout for the 'Martin & Gran' sting, and animated some of the shots from 'Welcome Home'. There were no complaints from the general public for this campaign, but now that I look at it, the heads do look a bit.....Uh oh, not again!



Robinsons 'Lick'
Aardman Animations / Britvic / BBH

This complex shot involved me reverse-animating abstract blobs of geometry to form the shape of a moving cow from a CG fluid pour. The rendered output was then run through a fluid 'stamping' process to achieve the desired look. It required constant back and forth refinement between the fluid variables and the animated blob motion to get the right feel of the product in milk.


Pritt 'Chase' & 'PowerPritt'
Aardman Animations / Henkel

'Chase' was quite tricky as the client wanted the products to retain their solidity, yet inject as much life into them as possible. I found the balance by using a lot of squash and stretch, but always in the blink-of-an-eye. Also featured is 'PowerPritt' - one of those rare times where you get the honour of animating a character that you remember from your childhood ...I used to love those old stop-motion Mr Pritt adverts!



Discovery Kids Stings
The Hive / Discovery Channel

This was another campaign I created from scratch, that needed a careful translation of a 2D branding into a 3D world. The animation was a great challenge, to see how much personality could be achieved with such a simple character design (and some marvellous sound effects) ...and thus a manically cheeky chappie was born.



Johnnie Walker 'Paintings'
Aardman / Diageo / BBH

This advert uses a blend of live-action, 2d animation and 3d CGI to whisk the viewer through five differently-styled paintings, all brought to life. My main task was to build and animate horses for the complex opening Delacroix 'Battle of Taillebourg' (plus additionally featured is one of the test shots I created as part of their development). I also got involved in the live-action shoot and went on to animate the Seurat section.



Findaproperty Pitch Shot

I created this pitch shot from scratch, based on the designs from the previous 'Find a Property' poster campaigns. It pushed the brand image further, whilst still remaining faithful to their original 2D roots.


COI 'Tax Credits'
Passion Pictures / Rushes

This series of TV adverts needed a tricky blend of 2D and 3D, to create their abstract banknote worlds. The strong designs feature cleverly integrated live action with the 2D/3D world, achieved using After Effects and Lightwave.



AOL 'Time's Up'

This job required matching a CG dress to 'Connie' by eye, as no camera information was recorded. It utilised a simple rig that enabled the dress to deform as she walked and allowed quick animation feedback to ensure a steady track.


Famous Barr
Aardman Animations / May Company

A selection of stings from the May Company's various ad campaigns of gift-box ladies-that-lunch. I did the setup on the bows and other minor elements, and animated some of the shots featured.



Swisscom 'Frogs'
AMGFX / Swisscom

This is an advert for a Swiss mobile phone company, in which I collaborated with another 3d artist to create a colony of 'WAPPING' frogs to highlight the client's new WAP service. I modelled, setup and animated the hero frog, and adapted that base animation to provide the background frogs and complete the shot.