Rushes / Paramount Pictures
For Stardust I built, rigged and animated a model to Michelle Pfeiffer's movements for her final 'death scene' sequence. This gave the effects artists an underlying surface to figure out whether to spontaneously-combust, melt away, or explode her. I also provided a full internal skeleton in the model, but this was deemed too gory and removed from the final sequence.



Around the World in 80 Days

Rushes / Disney Pictures

For this project I animated a Jiminy-Cricket conscience-type 'Chicken' for the second half of the introductionary dream-sequence (and at the various other places where it popped up throughout the film). Unfortunately the whole character was eventually dropped from the final cut, as it was too confusing to the storyline.

I also worked as part of a team that developed the many animated montage sequences that bridge the journey stages in the film. This involved building and animating environments & props, tracking footage and match moving, plus general render wrangling duties.


The Fairy King of Ar
AMGFX / Peakviewing

Peakviewing Transatlantic's 'The Fairy King of Ar' (aka 'Beings') is a magical children's fantasy drama featuring Tombalina the Fairy trying to liberate her people from the clutches of the Goblin King.

I worked in a small team of artists to create the 80-odd animated special effects shots required. After initially co-producing the models and textures, I was then responsible for rigging the main fairy character. Below are a selection of shots I hand animated and then saw through to completion, providing the lighting, compositing, and numerous special effects (such as the glows, fake window pane and the window wipe).



Free Jimmy
Slave Studios / AnimagicNet

This adult CG film about a drug-induced elephant, breaks pretty much all boundaries of taste and decency. It won the Grand Prix for Best Feature at Annecy 2007 for its efforts. My role was primarily as a technical director, helping to rig multi-resolution characters with 'Joint Factory' (an inhouse plugin, designed to allow reusable character rigs on a per shot basis) and 'BodyShape' (for hand-sculpting & auto-interpolating blendshape inbetweens). I also setup the satellite studio pipeline to enable smooth referencing of all the project assets.