The Hive
Lupus Films / Picture Production Co.

The three clips featured here are taken from the pilot episode of 'The Hive'. I supervised the animation and provided technical support to solve rigging fixes and ensure a smooth pipeline. With a relatively small team and some rebuilding of models from a previously made 30 second teaser, we produced a 7 minute episode in 8 weeks.



Human Body
Rushes / Dangerous Films / Discovery Channel

'Human Body: Pushing the Limits' is a four part documentary drama for Discovery Channel (4 x 60 mins). I led the animation team creating a myriad of sequences based on incredible real-life incidents, showing the true wonders of the human body when coping with extreme situations. I also attended some of the shoots as visual effects supervisor. We got an Emmy Award nomination for our efforts. Splendid!



The Secret Show
Collingwood O'Hare / BBC Worldwide

Collingwood O'Hare's BAFTA award-winning 'The Secret Show' is a humourous action-adventure series, based on spies (52 x 12 mins). Great scripts, great design and (hopefully) great animation......I animated many sequences, including those featured below using the 2d cut-out style Cel Action software, and had a lot of fun doing it.



Slave Studios / FIFA AG

This was a 26 x 30 mins TV series featuring the mascots of the FIFA World Cup 2002. Initially I co-modelled and co-setup the main characters, and led a team of animators in London, before overseeing large sections of out-sourced animation as Head of Animation in a Romanian satellite studio. I animated the shots featured here plus many more, and now know how to say "De ce rîdeti? Vorbesc asa de rau româneste?".



Tractor Tom
Slave Studios / HRA / Contender Group

For the pre-production stages of this 26 x 30 mins children's TV series I was involved in the development of the character setups. I devised an intuitive system for the characters automatic suspension and wheel mechanisms, that allowed the animation team to retain maximum flexibility through only a few simple controls.



AMGFX / Portman Productions

(2 x 90 mins TV mini-series) This job involved applying fake snow effects to live-action that was shot in the summer. Physical effects experts provided the foreground snow; I traced mattes for the faked background layer. Other shots from the show required me to add horse breath and extra snow kicked up by their gallops, insert fake trees and general colour correction.