When he was 9 years old, Mark Williams Ardington (formerly Mark Williams) was sat cross-legged in front of the family television watching an episode of his favourite cartoon at the time: the Thundercats. When it was over, the theme tune played and the credits rolled exactly as they had done a hundred times before.....but something clicked inside Mark.

For the first time ever, he realised that each of the names running up the screen was an actual person, and much like some people are bankers, grocers and astronauts, these people GOT PAID TO MAKE CARTOONS!!! Mark thought this was a rather splendid idea and decided that he would like to do the same thing. He didn't know what an Animator, Rostrum Operator, or Editor actually did, but he was going to find out. Since then his life has been simple.

In 1994 Mark was rejected and then subsequently accepted to do a degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation at Bournemouth University (He would later take his revenge over the offending tutor by requesting him as mentor for the final year...a partnership to which he now owes immense gratitude). Armed with his new skills and knowledge, Mark went on to seek fame and fortune at various animation companies in London, Transylvania, and at Aardman Animations in Bristol.

He has worked as a Character Animator, Rigger/TD, CGI Director and Visual Effects Supervisor on many award-winning commercials, TV series and films, for such notable clients as BBC, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount, Discovery Channel, FIFA, and Cartoon Network.

Right now he is trying to guess whether or not you will press the big red button.....